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The official website of NFL | veteran defensive striker Cory Redding retired | Rugby veteran defensive front player Cory Redding (Cory Redding) announced his retirement decision on Wednesday at tweet. he said: I will leave me for 23 years of sports. Thanks to the teams I have played, the coaches, the teammates, the fans and my family. ????35???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3???????????????1??13???????? Since the second round of the 2003 draft was selected by the lion, he started 147 games and got 35.5 escapement. in the last season due to an ankle injury and was put in the injured reserve list, Redding was laid off and the Cardinals No one shows any interest in in the free agent market in April this year. It was a big difference in 2007, when the lion used a 7 - year - 49 million - dollar contract to make Redding the league's highest paid defense. he never played the performance of the contract, but reed certainly made a career that many colleagues would feel satisfied.NFL's official website, Houston Dezhou 2016 season regular season and playoff football, wo prospect review for the 2016 season's truce Houston Dezhou people, the biggest hand is to use 72 million dollars, from the Denver wild horse team, is probably the legendary quarterback Payton Manning successor Brock Osweiler. Plus the team's strong defensive lineup, Dezhou people's new season is very much looking forward to. Even some experts believe that Osweiler's promotion of the team's attack can make Dezhou people the first team to play Super Bowl at home cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . in order to provide sufficient support for the Osweiler, the team found a number of excellent players in the trading market and the show conference. In the trading market, the team came to the successor of Arian Foster, the former dolphin running guard Lamar Miller. At the show conference, the first round has signed a Will Fuller V with a deep strike capability. In addition, the team also assembled a group of young offense players, Osweiler theoretically has gorgeous offensive weapons. However, Osweiler's performance did not match his contract amount throughout the regular season, sending 14 notes and sending 16 copies at the same time. His low performance even affects the offensive quality of the whole team: the star takes over DeAndre Hopkins without ball, and the number of offensive passes is third to the bottom of the league, the low efficiency of the red zone attack and the fourth reciprocal of the field scoring League. Even in the third week of the regular season, the new England patriots were challenged. Dezhou this season to achieve such success, largely relying on the powerful performance defense group. At the beginning of the season, the team lost the League star defender J.J.Watt, let the people of Dezhou into the playoffs once the prospect of intense darkness without light. However, the former rookie champion and the only team player elected this season is Jadeveon Clowney, who came out in a timely manner and killed the opponent's attack on the opening line. In the defense efforts, this season Dezhou averaged 305.7 yards for the alliance released at least, averaging 218.3 yards behind the release of Mustang for alliance second less, averaging 99.5 yards rushing out of fourteenth in the league, averaging 20.3 points divided into tenth little league. It can be said that it is the defensive team of the Dezhou people, carrying the whole team into the playoffs. Dezhou this season record of 10-6 people to get into the playoffs, mainly due to the Southern District Civil War victory, and home court 7 wins and 1 losses. The biggest factor hindering the club forward, no doubt is still a quarterback, regardless of the season playoffs starting quarterbacks is Osweiler or Savage, the team in addition to the activation of proximal Feng (this season proximal front ball number No. more than 2), also need to activate Hopkins led receivers 〉Original title: shirt hanging Mamba exit Legal Evening News (reporter Xu Bangyin) in April 14, 2016 after the retirement war more than a year later, the Lakers at the Staples Center over the air above 8 and 24 jerseys. Since then, no one would wear Lakers No. 8 and No. 24, above the field will not have Kobe · Bryant, Mamba really. December 19th, during a focus battle in the NBA regular season, the defending champion warriors beat the Lakers by 127 - 123 in overtime. But compared to the game itself, the focus of attention was placed on the special ceremony of the midfield. The Lakers retired Kobe's No. 8 and 24 jerseys at the same time. Kobe also became the first player to retire two ball numbers from the same team in the history of NBA. · the Lakers in the game against the warriors, in addition to Kobe and his family, including former teammate O'neal, Fisher, Russell, Jabbar, "Lakers legend magic" Johnson, West, and Iverson and Kobe who came into the league, are specialized to witness this moment. midfield whistle, the whole scene immediately sounded "Kobe, Kobe" cry. After an animated short film, a suit of Kobe slowly walked to the center of the court. He stood on the mark of the Lakers home, patted his chest and smiled and greeted everyone. is the first play by the Lakers legend magic "Johnson:" we celebrate the Great Gold Jersey retire here. In the past 20 years, we have seen, we have witnessed, he has brought us 5 Championships, three times in No. 8, and two in number 24. We were lucky that the man was wearing the purple gold for 20 years. He was too happy to have him, and his excellence, hard work, and perseverance all impressed us. We not only decommissioned a shirt, but we have to retire two shirts. I want you to cherish all of the present and cherish his game, because there will be no more Kobe · Bryant. " here, "the magician" was somewhat taken aback, he said: "do you remember that Kobe got 81 points of the night? Moreover, there will never be an athlete in the future, playing 60 points in the farewell war. In the past 20 years, you are not only on the field, but also the unity of all of us and all the people of Losangeles. " Lakers owner Jeanne buss · equally touching speech. She said she retired two numbers at the same time because if the two numbers were split apart, all the two players were able to enter the hall of fame. "Kobe, thank you for your contribution and loyalty to the purple gold. You could have left more simply these years, but you didn't have it. You told us how to get through hard work.who is going to play the first quarterback of the new England patriot in the next game seems to be finally settled. According to the local radio station in Boston, the patriot will let Jimmy Gallo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) play the first quarterback against Bill in Buffalo. If did this first stage of the Baltic Garo, from his acromioclavicular sprain in just 10 days. Although another quarterback Jacoby Blissett (Jacoby Brissett) started in the third week competition, he injured his fingers in the competition, which made him unable to decide whether he could play the next match. Two people were listed on the list of injuries as unsure. in an interview Wednesday, Garo said: "in the baltic. Now we have to check every day and try to play in the next game. Just want to get better every day, that's your only requirement. We really watch it every day. " But look at this week's training in the Baltic pass without painful caroline. , of course, since we are talking about patriots, there is no final decision at the quarterback until Carlo is really out. In fact, the next game for patriot starter very confidential, which led to the Patriots in the buffalo Bill news conference of the first person to become a joke. now, Bill will finally no longer guess happy, because it will become the first Baltic caroline. And after the game won't have to guess, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) will return.

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