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with the NFL season is coming to an end, each team for next season's preparations have been opened, the formation of the new coach group has become the first task, but unlike the other teams, the Minnesota Vikings rarely appeared in the news recently, because they do not want to make a change of coach group. coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said the team was going to renew most of the assistant coaches to the end of the 2016 season. The assistant coach Drew - Palin (Drew Petzing) before joining the University of Kansas will take over coach Clint Kubiak (Clint Kubiak) position. It is reported that only one assistant coach of the team wants to sign a contract for a year, but the same with other teams, Vikings usually renew their contract with a coach's remaining one year. because the team did not announce many coaches' contract deadline, so the reporters were concerned about this problem. When asked about the time of their own contract, Zimmer said it would at least pass the 2016. According to the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping outside analysis, this is likely to be a 3+1 contract.NFL's official website, Newton will accept the Panthers quarterback cam, rugby nest right shoulder surgery cam - Newton (Cam Newton) will eventually need to undergo surgery. , the Carolina Panther quarterback, will receive surgical treatment for some of the torn right shoulder gyrator in March 30th. He was injured in the fourteenth week of the game in San Diego against lightning. Newton is expected to be able to recover and take part in training at the start of the training camp. although the Panther had not been in the playoffs at the time, Newton did not miss any of the games after the injury, Panther chief trainer Ryan Vermillion (Ryan Vermillion) said that the current plan is for Newton to start passing the training in 16 weeks after the surgery, this time should be in mid July. before the Panthers coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said that Newton does not require surgery and for him in the offseason's physical condition gives positive evaluation. But eventually Newton accepted the operation. Newton and F Miley Don said in the recovery of the offseason is less than expected, which led him to have surgery. Newton has been suffering from a shoulder injury in the second half of last season, which limits his time for training. Last season Newton was sacked 36 times, ranked ninth in the league. In addition, he had only 90 shots, a new low in his career. He was impacted by his opponent, and shoulder injury at the end of the season obviously affected his poor pass precision. This is why Rivera was injured throughout the offseason are talking about him to see the offensive group changed to avoid being hit too many times Newton. To this end, the Panther will reduce Newton's tactics. The protection of Newton in passing attack also let Matt Jiefeng Panther left Lille card (Matt Kalil) a big contract. Before had any changes on the field, Newton had to get well first. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL think tiger linebacker Bo Fekete taze who (Vontaze Burfict) of the chief guard Anthony - Sherman (Anthony Sherman) the impact of violation of the rules. But Bo Fekete has disagreed with his coach, Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis). "this is the rule permissible." Bo Fekete said on Tuesday, "you can hit the receiver within five yards, but you can't bump into the helmet and neck. I hit the chest, and maybe they have some advice on me. " Lewis said: "as long as the quarterback has not passed the ball, this is the rule. The player is Bofeikete before running, two people are in their own position, he did not run over from the other side of the field, there is no blind side to speak of what." , but Bo Fekete didn't seem to want to crash Sherman, because then the quarterback quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) had already launched the ball to the front court.Will the run Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles) serve the chief of Kansas City in the 2017 season? at the end of the news conference, the reporter to the chief General Manager John Dorsey (John Dorsey) threw out the problem. "he is working hard to prepare himself for the next season. We will see what will happen in March, but now I put him as the chief of the players, "said dorsey. Dorsey actually gives a talk ambiguously answered, but since he did not have to make a decision in the short term that is understandable. Charles had only 8 games in the last two seasons with knee injuries, and he only finished 12 shots in the 2016 season. Charles, 30, has said he wants to stay in the sheikh, but whether he will be able to keep the team is likely to be related to salary. if Charles is cut off, the chief can save more than $6 million in salary space. This is a big number for the team at the end of the salary cap space League in 2017. If Charles's health is restored, the emirate may reestablish his contract with him and let him leave the team.

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